You probably regularly wash your car and give it a basic cleaning. However, our auto detailing services give your car a more in depth cleaning that it really needs. It’s a good idea as part of your car’s regular maintenance to have it detailed by a professional, at least once a year or more.

What is detailing?

Auto detailing involves a thorough cleaning of your vehicle, both inside and out. It involves a meticulous step by step process of cleaning. Our detailing process will leave your car looking like new. Detailing also helps extend the life of your car.

Why your car needs to be detailed

You may think that a regular cleaning of your car is enough to keep in in great shape, and you’re right. But just as you go to the dentist on occasion for a deeper cleaning of your teeth, your car also needs a deep cleaning on a regular basis.

Detailing involves deep cleaning the seats and carpets, this keeps things smelling fresh and gives them a longer life. We’ll also thoroughly clean the exterior so your car will have a fresh, new shine to it.¬†With 25 years of performing paintless dent repair techniques, the technicians here at Dent Doctor have an eye for detail.

For most people, cleaning the inside of a car is a lot of work, and you may have a hard time finding the time to do it. When you get your car detailed, our technicians will clean every last part of your car with professional grade materials.

interior car detailing

Having your car detailed helps it keep its resale value

This isn’t to say that detailing your car will increase its value by thousands of dollars, but it can definitely help keep it’s value. You may not be selling your car anytime soon, but detailing your car is a part of good maintenance. When your car is well maintained and looks nice, it will be much more appealing to buyers and can help you get more trade in value for your car.


Are you ready to get your car detailed and looking like new? Check out our specials and contact us for professional auto detailing in Montrose.