Sometimes it might feel like we live out of our car. Not literally of course, but there are times you could look in it and see why you might feel that way. Between backpacks, snacks, games, shopping bags, sports bags, paperwork, extra jackets, and who knows what else, your car gets a little cluttered and, well, messy. Plus, according to a study done by Harvard Health Watch, the average American spends 101 min minutes per day driving. That’s a lot of hours hours spent in a car, 37,935 hours in a lifetime! We spend a lot of time in our cars, and most of us want to be in an environment that’s clean and organized. Having a clean and organized car will help reduce stress, save us embarrassment when someone else has to get in our car, and improves safety. Don’t let your car become “your home on the road.” We have come up with some helpful tips to help you get your car clean and organized, and keep it that way.

1.Deep Clean

The first step will be getting your car clean again. Set a time where you will have a good couple of hours to do a deep clean of your car. Divide everything in your car up into categories such as; goes in house, trash, or stays in the car. Deep cleaning your cars means purging every aspect, that includes the backseat, the trunk, glove compartment, center console, and the spaces under the seats where trash and loose change collect. If you have car seats, pull them out as well as any organizers on the back of the seats. Once you’ve taken everything out it’s time to get down to the cleaning. Take out all the floor mats and shake them, hose down rubber mats, and vacuum upholstered ones. This is a good time to spot clean any stains on your mats or seats of our car. Of course, vacuum. Vacuum everything, all the floors, seats, trunk, dashboard, console, glove compartment, and cup holders. After vacuuming wipe out the cup holders, and wipe down the inside of the doors, including the window buttons and handles. Then, with glass cleaner, clean all the glass surfaces from the inside of your car. A good tip after you’ve cleaned everything is to put a grocery bag or something in your car that you can use a trash can. After all this the inside of your car should be looking pretty good and you’re ready for the next step.

2.Prioritize Your Needs

Once you’ve completed the cleaning of the inside of your car, it’s time to go through the items you put in the pile categorized “stays in car.” As you go to put the items back in the car really think about each item and if you truly need that item in your car. Having things to be prepared is good, just be reasonable with what you need, and keep it organized. A good idea might be to have two tote bags, one for summer, and one for winter, filled with things you might need during those months. Always keep an emergency kit in the trunk. This kit can contain; jumper cables, a flash light, first-aid kit, reflectors, deicer, a small shovel, and a heavy duty blanket. In your glove compartment keep paper work for the car, the car manual, insurance card, registration, and a tire gauge. In the center console you can keep things like tissues, and a small first aid kit. Once you’ve gotten the items you need in your car prioritized and organized make sure you are only keeping items you need in the car. This means if you take something in the car, that’s not already in the car, you take it out when you leave the car. This will help your car stay uncluttered and organized.

3.Consider Rules

Consider a “no eating in the car” rule. This rule will truly help keep your car clean. No matter how hard you try, crumbs will always end up in the car. Spills are another big mess that happen when you eat in the car, stains and messes can be eliminated with the “no eating in the car” rule. If you absolutely MUST eat in the car for whatever reason, try sticking to dry, non-sticky snacks like pretzels or carrot sticks. Enjoy water rather than sticky soda or juice. These little precautions will help keep your car crumb free, and if there is a spill, at least it won’t be sticky. Try your best to follow this rule in order to help keep your car clean.

If you’re ready to get your car clean and organized, way to go! If you’re not wanting to clean your car on your own, you can always get it detailed with a professional. We use our cars a lot, having it clean and organized will definitely make you feel better.