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What is Clear Bra?

Clear Bra paint protection films are a transparent polyurethane material that adheres to the painted surface of vulnerable areas on your vehicle. The clear bra helps protect your paint from stone chips, nicks, bug splatter, road debris and minor abrasions. Great for protecting your Car, Truck, SUV, RV, Boat, Jeep, Motorcycle, ATV, or anything else that you would like to protect the paint on.

Your vehicle is one of the largest purchases that you will make, PROTECT IT! Keeping your vehicle looking new with a quality installed paint protective film (Clear Bra) will help keep your factory paint preserved, and keep the value of your vehicle cheap jerseys China high.

examples of areas needing the extra protection of a clear bra

Where can I put paint protection film on my vehicle?

Paint protection film (Clear Bra) can be professionally installed anywhere you want on your vehicle to protect from scratches, rock chips, stains, and other damaging elements. Clear bra will not change or alter the color, or design of your vehicle.

A La Carte


Hood & Fenders (18″)


Hood & Fenders (24″)



$60.00 / Large Headlights $100.00

Front Bumper

Starting at $350.00





Door Handles

$15.00 each


Starting at $22.00/foot

Behind Wheels

$25.00 each

We use SunTek Paint Protection film with a 5-year warranty!

Protection Packages:

Bronze Protection Package – $335.00 (Save $80.00)

Includes 18″ Hood & Fenders, Mirrors, Door Handles, and Headlights.

Silver Protection Package – $715.00 (Save $150.00)

Includes 18″ Hood & Fenders, Front Bumper, Mirrors, Door Handles, Headlights and Behind all 4 wheels.

Gold Protection Package – $850.00 (Save $200.00)

Includes 18″ Hood & Fenders, Front Bumper, Mirrors, Door Handles, Headlights/Foglights, Behind all 4 wheels, A-Pillars & Above Windshield.