Automobiles are an amazing invention that have been around for a long time, they have developed and changed a lot over the years. The very first steam-powered automobile was made in 1769. In 1808 the first automobile powered by an engine was made, and it used a combustion engine. The first automobile to use a gasoline powered engine was in 1870, and this led to the influence of later automobiles. In 1913 was the first mass-produced automobile by Ford Motor Company. Automobiles have evolved tremendously since then, and classic and antique automobiles are considered unusual vehicles. According to The Antique Automobile Club of America a classic automobile is at least 25 years old, and an antique automobile is at least 50 years or older. Although some clubs consider some younger automobiles “classics” as well. If you are interested in classic cars, street rods, or trucks you need to check out the Black Canyon Classics Car Club. This club is located right here in Montrose, Colorado! If you’re interested in finding out more about this local club, continue reading.

Black Canyon Classics Car Club began with 25 automobile enthusiasts in 1996. These 25 enthusiasts met one day a decided to form a club, and began holding regular meetings. These meetings were to acquaint members, schedule picnics, parades, and other events. In 2007 the club had grown enough and started charging annual family dues to help pay for different aspects of the club. The dues help pay for the club website, newsletter, and other club operating expenses. The club currently has over 100 members, with a range of automobiles from a 1916 Ford Model T Roadster to a 2008 Cobra and anything in between. Members are from all over the western slope, and even a few members from the front range. Members of the club meet for activities throughout the entire year. Activities include things such as; Friday night cruises, car shows, the club Holiday party, and other planned club events.

This nonprofit corporation loves the community, and is “proud that it has given its members a reason to be out on the streets as well as a sense of civic pride for its continuing contributions to the community.” In 1999 the club established a scholarship for students who are pursuing post-secondary education, preference is given to students pursuing automotive and technology fields.  Students from Montrose, Delta, Ouray, San Miguel High School, and the Delta-Montrose Vocational Tech Center can apply for the scholarship. The club also gives to charitable organizations in Montrose County with proceeds they make from their annual Colorful Colorado Car, Truck, & Rod show, hosted here in Montrose. The club is holding the Colorful Colorado Car, Truck, & Rod show on June 1st and 2nd this year, at Cerise Park. Friday night of June 1st there will be an impromptu car show and cruise downtown Montrose, and Saturday the 2nd the main event at Cerise Park. After the main event Saturday you can head downtown to the famous Star Drive-In Theatre for the “Annual Back To The 60’s Nite.”  There will be trophies, raffles, prizes, and a 60’s costume contest, of course movies, and the famous burgers with fries.

This is a great local club in our community, if you love cars like we do, it could be the club to join. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about this club. Montrose has so much to offer and we are truly grateful to be a part of this community. If your car is ever in need of some love, such as repairing dents, or getting it nice and clean, we would be glad to help. Comment or send us an email to see if we might be able to help with your need.