Getting a ding or scratch on your car door can be very irritating, but they can be hard to avoid. The truth is, the majority of the time dings or scratches aren’t your fault. You can leave your vehicle vulnerable for a door ding or scratch at places like the doctor’s office, grocery store, work, or a restaurant. These are all places you park your car in a parking space, and typically you will be parking next to another vehicle. Your efforts to avoid scratches and door dings can be enhanced by considering these parking tips we have come up with.

  1. Try to find a spot on the end. If the parking lot is crowded this will typically be the safest spot to park your car. Sure you may have to walk a little further, but it’s good for you and it can help protect your vehicle.
  2.  Before you pull into your space check out the length of the of doors on the vehicles in the spots neighboring the spot you are trying to grab. Determine if their doors can reach your vehicle when they are fully extended.
  3. Always look at the car you are parking next to and try to determine if there are passengers. This can help you decide which side to park your vehicle on. If your’e somewhere like work and figure there are no passengers in the car next to you, parking on the passenger side of the other vehicle is a better move because there is less chance of the doors being opened on that side.
  4. Always look at how the cars are parked in the neighboring spaces of the spot you are trying to park in. If either vehicle is hugging the yellow line and it’s going to be a tight squeeze for your vehicle find a space where you will have more room. Plus, if you have to park crooked in order to get into the spot you will look like the parked wrong once the other cars leave.
  5. Look at the height of the vehicle you are parking next to. If it’s a vehicle similar in height to yours, and your vehicle has protective rubber moldings on the doors those may help protect the doors on your vehicle. If the vehicle next to you is taller, their doors can cause dents higher than your molding is able to protect.
  6. Car seats in neighboring vehicles can be a good sign to find other parking spot. Keep in mind that for a parent to strap their child in to the car seat, they will probably need to fully open their door, leaving your vehicle at higher risk for a ding if you are parked next to them.
  7. Open your door slowly. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, there could be another vehicle parked closer than you thought, a shopping cart next your vehicle or even a curb too close. Slowly opening your door can help avoid unexpected door dings.
  8. Teach your kids to be careful when entering and exiting the vehicle. Cautiously opening and closing the door is probably not something they think about unless they understand it can cause damage if they aren’t careful.

If you aren’t able to avoid dents completely, there are companies that perform “Paintless Dent repair.” This is a method that uses special tools to push the dent out from the inside without the need for painting the dent. Feel free to comment or email us with any other tips you have for avoiding dings.