Colorado is touted as one of the sunniest states, claiming to have over 300 days of sunshine a year. We’re not sure how that is measured exactly, but it’s the middle of winter and the sun is shining through our shop windows right now. Nothing boosts work production like a little natural vitamin D. This is great for company morale and your plants and can even cut down on your heating bill, but if the beaming rays are too much to handle Dent Doctor can install window tinting. Professionally installed window film improves comfort by controlling heat, glare, fading, and privacy without blocking the view or natural light into your office.


The benefits of tinting your office windows are plenty. For starters, it can create a more usable workspace by eliminating hot spots within the office. It’s important to keep employees, clients, guests, and shoppers comfortable. Commercial window tinting softens the light and helps balance the temperature all year-round.

You work hard for your business and protecting what’s inside is important to you. Tinting your office will aid in protecting your furniture, flooring, and equipment or merchandise from sun damage. Ordinary window glass doesn’t protect what’s inside from UV rays, but window films do. Most importantly, window films are available in a variety of thicknesses which may hold the window in place if shattered, thus protecting your most valuable asset – your employees.

Today, some types of windows have special coatings for UV protection, but total replacement for an existing commercial building is often cost prohibitive. That being said, a revamp on your building’s physical appearance will make a great impression. Not only will it look great and updated, but people will notice – in a great way!

Decorative Window Films

Dent Doctor offers an array of decorative films which can instantly give your office an updated look and feel. Decorative window films can give the appearance of expensive etched glass, adds a look unique to your business, can act as a privacy shield, and is easily removed or replaced.

At Dent Doctor, we offer many options for decorative window films including:
Elegant Frost: great for glass office doors and windows and we can set the transparency to fit your needs
Modern Gradients: each unique pattern transitions from clear to opaque
Realistic Textures: this window film can refract light and simulate the sparkle and clarity of textured glass without designer prices
Reflective: just like on our building, we install one-sided window tinting which is great for privacy as well as temperature control
Specialties: these can be added as an accent in your company colors or designs

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of home or office window film, contact us for a measurement consultation. We also have a swatch book showcasing the different tints that you can look through. We’ll give you an estimate after our team measures the windows you want to be tinted and we can install within days of your order. You won’t have to move out or close your business for any time, we’ll carefully work right around you! We just ask that the interior window area is cleared for easy access.

Dent Doctor is located in Montrose but we can service your home or business in the surrounding areas. Contact us today to get window tinting benefits ASAP! 970-201-3368 | 95 Merchant Dr. Suite C Montrose, CO Our team will work with you to design and install window film specific to your wants and needs.